Niksan Wagyu is Wagyu x Angus F1 - a combination of carefully selected Wagyu genetics with high quality Angus cows to produce an exceptional Wagyu beef. Fullblood Wagyu bulls of the finest Wagyu bloodlines are used to produce delicious beef in a range of marble scores.

Nick Sher's knowledge of bloodlines of both Wagyu and Angus plus the correct way to graze and feed Wagyu cattle has developed over a quarter of a century. This experience and knowledge is utilized to produce Niksan Wagyu beef. The cattle are finished on a Japanese style ration for 400 + days to produce excellent marbling and flavour.

All Wagyu Fullblood cattle used in the production of Niksan beef can be traced back to their Japanese ancestors. All fullblood cattle are DNA registered.


Niksan beef is the product of the fully monitored Beefcorp production system, independently audited at all stages. The cattle are processed at G & K O'Connor under Halal supervision.

Niksan Wagyu is exclusively available in:

China from XinZhu, Shenzen.

Indonesia from PT Global Pratama Wijaya.


Like Sher Wagyu, the Niksan brand is packed according to marble score:

Fullblood Blue Label: MS 9-9+

Gold Label: MS 9+

Black Label: MS 8-9

Silver Label: MS 6-7

Red Label: MS 4-5

White Label: MS 3