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Beefcorp operates a number of grazing properties and keeps up with the latest technology in pasture management and animal health.

Pasture Renovation - Ballan New Pasture - Ballan
Pasture Renovation - Tallangatta Valley Pasture Renovation - Tallangatta Valey
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Pasture Renovation - Ballan

Pasture Renovation - Ballan

We have found a very successful pasture renovation program at Ballan is to put in a summer fodder crop followed by direct drilling high performance ryegrass the following year. This paddock was sprayed out with Roundup in late winter, then worked up as shown here with a disc plough. We also applied lime at 2.5t/ha then sowed Winifred Rape @ 3.5kg/ha plus Puna Chicory @ 2.3 kg/ha. In  autumn we direct drilled Feast 11 Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass @ 16 kg/ha plus Leura subclover @ 4 kg/ha with 100 kg/ha of DAP fertiliser.