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Beefcorp operates a number of grazing properties and keeps up with the latest technology in pasture management and animal health.

Pasture Renovation - Ballan New Pasture - Ballan
Pasture Renovation - Tallangatta Valley Pasture Renovation - Tallangatta Valey
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New Pasture - Ballan

New Pasture - Ballan Here is Year 2 of a pasture renovation program at Ballan, 12 months after a summer fodder crop of Winifred Rape. The paddock was direct drilled with Crusader Ryegrass (short term Italian Ryegrass) @ 15 kg/ha plus Balansa and Shaftal clovers both @ 1.5 kg/ha. The clovers did not establish very well, however you can see the Tonic Plantain that was sown with the summer Rape crop. We are impressed with the Plantain and it has established very well.