Sher Wagyu is one of Australia’s foundation Wagyu herds and calved the first Purebred Wagyu embryo calf in Australia on 11 February 1992. Sher Wagyu's Fullblood 100% herd is based at Ballan, central Victoria. As well as producing Fullblood heifers & steers for meat production, this herd also produces the Fullblood bulls for our famous Crossbred Wagyu x Holstein F1 50% herd and our higher percentage F2 & F3 crossbred herd .


The Sher Wagyu Fullblood 100% cattle are based on the three main Japanese bloodlines of Tajima, Fujiyoshi and Kedaka. The Tajima bloodline is based on the Yasumi doi and Kikunori doi lines. Pedigrees of sires & dams are kept on the AWA data base and are DNA verified.