Quality Assurance




Ensuring Quality Control & Product Integrity.

Sher beef is the product of the fully monitored Beefcorp production system with a feeding program developed to ensure consistent high quality. Cattle are fed rations free from antibiotics, GMO ingredients and growth hormones.


The grazing, feedlot and processing facilities all operate under independently audited quality assurance programs to ensure quality control and product integrity.

National Livestock Identification Scheme – PIC: 3MBLJ053.

Calves are tagged at birth with electronic identification and are registered on the Australian National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) database with lifetime traceability. Whole of life data from date of birth, breeding, animal treatments, stock movements, weights and carcass data are recorded on all cattle. Comprehensive feeding and paddock records are also maintained.



CATTLECARE – P3000484.
Beefcorp’s unique production system ensures the cattle are raised under the highest standards of animal husbandry. Wagyu x Holstein calves are hand reared for 4 months prior to grazing on clean green pastures for one year. 

Feedlot – NFAS No: 347.

The cattle are grain fed for 400+ days on Beefcorp’s specially formulated Japanese style ration.

AUSMEAT & AQIS – Establishment No: 517, Non Packer Exporter No: 2080.
Our cattle are processed at G & K O'Connors, Packenham, Victoria. Ausmeat Establishment No:1265. Processing is supervised by AQIS veterinarians (Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service) and audited by Ausmeat.

Storage – Establishment No: 17

Our product is kept chilled in an export registered storage facility maintained under AQIS supervision.

Food Safety Management System
HACCP - SAI Global Certificate No: HCV20955

PrimeSafe Licence No: P01167
Beefcorp is commited to food safety and product quality. We have implemented a HACCP food safety program for storage and distribution audited by SAI Global and licensed by PrimeSafe, Victoria.