Sher Wagyu Beef

Sher Wagyu beef  Taste the Experience
Delicious, tender and juicy with a superb flavour.

You can now enjoy the culmination of over 25 years development of breeding and feeding Fullblood and Crossbred Wagyu cattle in Australia. The finest Wagyu bloodlines are combined with a carefully managed “conception to consumer” beef operation, Beefcorp Australia, to produce Fullblood Wagyu 100% and Japanese style Crossbred Wagyu x Holstein F1 50%. Beefcorp is owned by the Sher family and is based at Ballan, Victoria, Australia.

The Beefcorp production system delivers a consistent supply of highly marbled delicious Sher beef. Cuts are vacuum packed and supplied in cartons.

Regulations in Japan restrict the use of the word "Wagyu" to beef produced in Japan only. Sher Wagyu beef is marketed as Sher Black in Japan.